Citadel Heights Reservation Form for the 2015 conferences

* Please ensure that all required information is emailed accurately.
** Incomplete reservation forms will not be accepted.
*** Please only use 1 form for group booking

(please copy & paste the following form into your email)

Email subject : "Name of Conference"


Name(s) of Guest:

Check-in date:                                       Time:
Check-out date:                                     Time:


Type of Accommodation (please select)



Payment will have to be made through PayPal

I hereby understand that my reservation will not be confirmed until I have made full payments,

(Name of Guest)    




Reservation Process


Step 1:
Copy and paste the form into your email


Step 2:
Email the form with all required information to our new email address:


Step 3:
Email subject "name of conference"

Step 4: 

Wait for a reservation acceptance email from our Housekeeping Executive (within 3 working days)

Step 5: 

Make full payment within 7 days of the acceptance email

Step 6: 

Upon receipt of payment your reservation is confirmed and secured


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